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Introducing The Network-Building Method

Using a network of related topics can give you the rankings you are looking for without wasting time on a marketing strategy that doesn’t work.

Pillar-Based Marketing (PBM) is a marketing solution that is based on creating content that your audience wants. It uses the concept of a network to ensure the right topics are used. Marketing can sometimes feel like a game, and using this strategy can help you get ahead of your competition.

If you want to rank for a large, high-value term such as “Content Marketing,” you may want to start smaller. Your audience will give you more credibility if you have knowledge and content surrounding other related topics.

What Is the Pillar Topic Network?

Think of it like a spider web with the main topic you want to rank for in the middle. This could be a high-level term such as “Content Marketing” or another important keyword your company wants to focus on. Picking the right Pillar Topic sets the foundation of a strong network.

Extending from the center of the web are all the other topics that connect back to the main one. These should all be directly related in some way in order to boost up the Pillar topic. When the terms are connected, they can be linked together as well. In turn, the entire network is strengthened by each individual piece of content, and each piece of content is made more rankable by its presence in the network.

Another Way to Think About It

If Google’s job is to judge a domain’s authority on a subject, they are far more likely to view a domain as a genuine expert source of information if that domain works to answer all of the most important questions people ask in the real world about a topic—not just the ones that fit a marketer’s idea of an easy-to-win, high search volume, or strong purchase intent.

DemandJump empowers marketers to toss away their keyword lists and instead focus on optimizing entire networks of content designed to provide users with a comprehensive, self-guided learning experience. Where each individual piece in your Pillar Strategy may have taken six months or longer to begin ranking all on its own, each piece in your networked strategy works to complete a true picture of your authority.

How to Start Building A Network

You should start by determining what your Pillar Topic will be. You can run Insights on the DemandJump platform to find out which topics are more important based on SEO results, competitor rankings, and other key factors. From there, you can start to craft your first Pillar Strategy with 16 pieces of content: 

  • 1 Pillar Page of 3,000+ words targeting 10 questions and 10 keywords
  • 3 Sub-Pillar Pages of 2,000+ words targeting 8 questions and 8 keywords each
  • 12 Supporting Blogs of 750+ words targeting 4 questions and 4 keywords each

We’ve found that for the network effect to work its magic, these 16, interlinked pieces of content are the best starting point. The bonus effect is that across those 16 articles, you’ll end up targeting over 150 connected, relevant, and important search terms that reflect the real-world needs of your audience.

Building a Network Takes Time, but the Rewards are Endless

At the end of the day, everything will point to the main Pillar topic to create the intended network effect. Everything in that network will work together to make you an authority in that space. Become a thought leader on any topic with DemandJump!